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Kangra, Billing road, Baijnath is the base to reach the nest. As mentioned initially, the destination for takeoff off and landing is amidst the sea, one gets the panoramic view of the Dhauladhar ranges of the Himalayas and Kangra valley. The prices also vary from service providers. So it’s preferable to check with all the service providers before finalizing one. And if it’s a group, one can alway
One of the best solutions for increasing employee engagement is by seeking their inputs and feedback about various policy decisions. When the employees become a part of decision making process they naturally develop a sense of belonging and loyalty towards the company. This also enhances the satisfaction level of the employees and minimizes their urge to seek job options where they might feel mor
The executive coaching professionals also help the leaders and lower management professionals to develop the various skills that can motivate the team members to reach the expected performance standards. These skills might include effective task delegation, improved communication and easy accessibility to floor level workers. The coaching helps the managers to understand the specific needs and ex
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One of the major benefits of using a performance management system is that it helps in optimizing the HR process of administering, analysing and returning the review results. While the system enables the managers and employees to complete the review in the shortest possible time, it also helps in providing timely feedback to the participants.
Amidst the breathtaking landscape, beautiful mountains and extreme climatic condition, the two highest motorable roads are waiting for you to be explored. Khardung La Pass at a height of 5359 meters above the sea level is the highest motorable peak in the world and journey to this wonder of nature would be one of the most adventurous journey in your life.

Literally the sea of milk, when I reached Dudhsagar Fall, I actually thought for once, I have died and reached the heaven but then I looked back in my life and I was sure I am still on Earth. Dudhsagar waterfalls sure was a pleasant break from my personal hell (wink). A place where nature is in all its glory, the best season to go for Dudhsagar Trekking is monsoon and I decided to take the trail




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